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from Brenda:

Hi Cindy,
Thought I'd send you a photo of me and Sissy . She is sooo awesome and we have bonded together so well. You gave her such a wonderful start! She is the horse she is because of the training and care that you gave her. She loves the water, as you can see in the photo and is so sensible. I absolutely love her and she has healed my broken heart. That's Mary Teran in the photo with us.
Blessings, Brenda

from Amanda:

Cindy’s the best riding instructor! She has helped me with all that I know today about horses and riding, and I learn something more every time I go there. I have been around horses for about 4 years, and riding 3 1/2 years with Cindy.

I work at the ranch every now and then with Cindy leaning how to teach young horses ground manners and everything they need to know for their first ride under saddle with Cindy. We also work with the lesson horses to train new things and correct bad habits. Getting this experience has helped me become a better horse person.

After about 1 1/2 years working with Cindy and improving my riding ability, I got to start riding my young mare "Stella" who was in training under Cindy. Stella was in full training for 6 months as a three year old, and has been in part training for the next year and a half. Cindy has helped my young mare and I get to our first Dressage show. Now Cindy’s helping my mare and I learn how to jump. We look forward to the day we will be showing off all our hard work - we could have never done it without Cindy!

Suzette and For Talismanic

Frisk, For Talismanic's 2009 foal

from Suzette:

The best thing about having Cindy as my riding instructor is that she has an expert sense of what goals I can accomplish each time I take a lesson. She doesn’t try to fix everything at once, which would only make me--and subsequently my horse--tense. Cindy knows that I have big competition goals for myself and my horses, so she definitely pushes me to be the best rider I can be, but not to the point where I get frustrated and feel as if all I’m doing is making mistake after mistake.

In 2008, my first year competing in dressage on my thoroughbred mare, For Talismanic, “Tally” and I were the Circuit Champions of the San Diego Chapter of the California Dressage Society (CDS) at Training Level, and we also qualified for and competed at the CDS Regional Adult Amateur Championship (RAAC).

In 2009, I had a new off-the-track thoroughbred mare, Cool Cucumber, that Cindy trained for me. “CC” and I placed second in the San Diego Circuit at training level and also qualified for RAAC. We also won an award in the High Desert Dressage Society. I earned my United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Rider Performance Award at Training Level on CC. If CC hadn’t had a very unfortunate trailer accident in the middle of the show season, we would have qualified for USDF Region 7 finals as well.

The thing I like the most about Cindy is she clearly understands how horses and riders learn. I look forward to every lesson, and I have a tack room full of ribbons to prove she has taught my horses and me how to be successful in the show ring.
In 2010, Tally and I will compete at first level, and I will be showing her 2009 Anglo-Trakehner colt, Frisk, in hand in Dressage Horse Sport Breeding classes. With Cindy behind us, I am really confident we will have another great year!

from Larissa:

Even after many successes starting young horses on my own I was delighted to learn new ways. I worked with Cindy on my horse Country Girl's Cadillac (Murphy) and discovered new techniques that I not only brought back to Virginia with me and incorporated into my training plans, but have also been hired to teach to and start horses for other professionals in the area. Murphy has successfully competed in the Virginia Horse Show Association, Progressive Showjumping Circuit and A-rated shows with many junior riders as well as Intercollegiate competitions, dressage shows, and is a favorite in the lesson barn.

As an instructor and trainer myself, working with Cindy has put me a cut above the rest in that I learned better how to communicate with my students and be able to not only show them how, but also why. It is easy to see that they have a passion for both the equestrian sports but also for passing on the knowledge. As a die-hard jumper competitor, Cindy was able to show me the reasons behind a benefits of correct Dressage. I fell in love with the challenges and frustrations of the sport, but now make a much better horse and rider of any discipline. Any equine enthusiest would be very lucky to learn from the Lapps be it for competition or just for fun.

from Helen:

We moved to Yucca Valley almost 3 years ago and boarded our two horses at the Yucca Valley Equestrian Center. Bill began lessons with Cindy as a beginning rider. With Cindy’s guidance he has become a confident horseman who can’t wait for weekend trail rides. I began taking lessons from Cindy on my mare Flicka. I have owned Flicka for 10 years but never found anyone who could really help me with her. Cindy not only helped me to understand why Flicka reacted the way she did but to understand how my actions added to our mutual tension. After 2 1/2 years of Cindy’s patient work, I am a much better rider and have a horse I can enjoy. I am looking forward to our first show.

From Claire:

When I first arrived at YVEC, I had a horse trained in disciplines I didn't know with serious behavior problems and lameness issues that I couldn't correct even with professional help. I hadn't ridden seriously in 30+ years, and had spent the previous couple of years trying to work with the behavior problems while my riding actually deteriorated, again despite lessons.

Cindy Allen-Lapp was able to take my pretty pony and work with her to correct her bahvior problems in an almost magical fashion, so that this horse could be perfectly placed with someone exactly suited to her training and abilities. This is a real success story.

As for me, Cindy has patiently worked with all my mixed-up half-remembered notions until I am riding well again, and in a new discipline, the one I wanted to pursue, Dressage.

For the horse owner, Cindy runs a professional barn that is safe and clean and providing a no-worries enviornment.

For someone who wants to ride confidently and competently in any discipline, Western Pleasure, Reining, Hunter/Jumper or Dressage, beginner or expert, rusty or sharp, young or old, to show or just for fun, Cindy and her staff can teach anybody anything, on your own horse or a well-trained livery horse, and take you as far as you want to go.

Fine trail riding is just out the gate, and guided trail rides are available by appointment. I am extremely happy I found YVEC and only wish I'd done so sooner.


Even though it took us a little over an hour to get there, once there it was so peaceful and fun watching you train Reggi. Looked forward to each week's visit and also the B.B.Q. get-togethers were great!

from Sherri:

Dear Steve and Cindy, and Yucca Valley Equestrian Center,

I would like to thank you both for everything you have done for me and my horses over the last 13 years. I met you through the Horsetrader and you started out by selling me Traveler. The greatest horse that ever lived. As perfect as he was, I didn’t ride often enough so we would come out there for private or group lessons for a tune up every now and then. Then, all of my work injuries and surgeries came along. I went 2 years without riding at all. Well, even the world's most perfect horse was bound to be a bit sour after that much time. Me and Traveler were a mess. I was injured and scared to ride and hurt myself again. You did in house training on your ranch with Traveler for 3 months and gave me lessons on him along the way. The great thing about your lessons is that they are always educational, confidence building and useful, but most of all they are fun. You always put things in a way that I could easily understand them. Even when I had various injuries, you showed me how to work around them and that there was always a way to ride a horse. Traveler and I were ready to hit the trails once again with confidence.

A year and a half ago I got a new horse, Glory. As nice as she was, and as much as I liked her... I just didn't "get" her. We came out and once again and took more lessons from you. Right about the 3rd lesson, I had that "A Ha " moment. Wow, it felt so great to finally understand how she worked and to finally get that connection with her. It is a 2 hour drive for me with horse and trailer, but it is always well worth it. Instead of being horse and passenger, we now seem to ride as one. What a great feeling.

You have both always been such gracious hosts when I come out just for fun. It might be a group trail ride, or a BBQ, a Play Day or a camping trip and it is always a blast.

You have been my horse breeder ( Traveler), horse dealer, horse trainer and riding instructor for many years now. Out of all of the great experiences I have had with you, the one I will always treasure the most is your friendship.

Sherri Cronin
San Dimas Ca.

Yucca Valley Equestrian Center - 7429 Avalon Avenue - Yucca Valley, CA 92284 - (760) 365-4433