About us

Yucca Valley Equestrian Center offers complete training for your horse at any stage: from starting young horses and desensitizing to new objects, to older horses who just need a tune up. We emphasize correctness, balance, and flexibility, producing horses who are cooperative partners no matter what discipline you ride.

We also offer horse exercise programs. If you will be out of town or have another reason you will be unable to ride for a period of time, we will keep your horse fit and going well until you are able to resume riding.

Train the Trainer

For those who are deeply committed to working with their own horse, we offer 'trainer training'. If you would like to train your own horse but need guidance to make him the best he can be, we will work with you to help you pinpoint the areas you wish to work on and give you the techniques to get you to your goals.

Please call for more information about establishing your horse's training program: 760-365-4433