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Trail Challenge

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Saturday May 14, 2011 - Extreme Mustang Makeover Trail Challenge, Norco, CA

The competetion!
On Friday, May 13th, Wyatt was assigned hip number 13! He then took part in the rural trial challenge, which consisted of obstacles on a wilderness trail near the Ingalls Arena in Norco, CA. After that, the mustangs were inspected for body conditioning. At the end of the day Friday, Wyatt was sitting at number 13 in the pack.
Saturday, May 14th, began with the Urban Trail Challenge. The mustangs did a short obstacle course in the arena, then went out on the streets of Norco for a ride with stops and obstacles. Following that they did a short 'Wow' performance in the arena.

Fellow Morongo Basin trainer Joe Misner does his arena work

Cindy and Wyatt prepare for their arena ride

then it was out into Norco!

getting off at the lemonade stand

Wyatt gets his drink

Cindy gets hers!

backing around the square at Thrifty Horse

and ending with a flair!

good job

at the beach

consulting the map

relaxed and doing well!

up and out of the beach area

the overhang

we catch up with Joe as he's leaving the saloon stop!

and he's on his way again

Cindy waits for her turn at the saloon. She will go in & tie Wyatt, leave him alone while she enters the saloon, then remount and go on.

into the parking area

Wyatt waits alone

while Cindy gets her shot!

Then it's rebridle...

...and off again

Next, back at the arena riders have 90 seconds to show off

Joe does his routine

then Wyatt gets his turn!

nothing to do now but wait to see who makes the top ten!


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